How to Design a Memorable Logo

How to Design a Memorable Logo


A logo is nothing but a symbol that people recognize and quickly associate it with the company and its business. But logos, in today’s competitive world, are visual identities of businesses to draw customers’ attention. A memorable logo design is, therefore, essential for businesses today in many ways to compete with their respective competitors.

A logo is typically a graphic symbol that represents a company, organization, or a person. The primary objective of having a logo is to make something recognizable for people. So, when they cannot always see a company, they can see its logo on its products, services, or in the advertisements, etc. Thus, a logo is a visual representation of a brand.

But what makes a logo memorable? It is true that the logos of Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and other global majors are unforgettable. Many studies have found that most memorable logos are a simple design. In fact, the simplicity of the design was the number one factor behind the memorable logos in the surveys and studies.

So, why is there so much focus on simplicity of the design? Well, it helps draw consumers’ attention more than other factors. Many consumers want to learn more about a company after seeing its simple logo. Others think that the company with a memorable logo is unique and stands out from the others.

It should be mentioned that a logo is a brand image of a business. It is not just the face but an image of its company and business. According to some studies, 45% of a brand image is what it says and how it says. This means that your logo is one of the main vehicles to carry your brand message. Therefore, take extra care to design your company’s logo.

Here Are Some Crucial Aspects Of Creating A Memorable Logo Design

01. Know The Brand

Going to the drawing board without first having a clear mind about the brand is a big mistake. After all, you create the logo for the brand. You will only be drawing something that has no purpose if it does not consider some attributes of the client’s brand.

Yes, a logo is a visual, but it is also a face of your company and an introduction to your brand. This implies that while designing a logo, you should consider the audience that a brand targets with products or services. You must also know the brand’s history if it has been around for years. Then, find out who are the competitors. Have a look at their visual identities like a logo. Such details are crucial inputs to know a brand.

Make notes of what you think of the brand. Write down some key features and attributes of the brand. It would be good if you create a mood board that has some images to represent the brand ideology. Note down the emotions a brand evokes and how it is useful to the customers. Find out about the brand’s plans and aspirations. And most importantly, assess the brand personality.

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02. Create Something That Stands Out

A memorable logo design is essentially the one that stands out from the crowd of logos. Just take a look at the iconic Apple logo. When people look at the Apple logo, they look at the bitten apple image. Since byte, a unit of digital information, also sounds like ‘bite,’ people like the logo even more for its dual suggestion in the meaning. So, the company conveys its computer electronics business message beautifully with this unique use of a bitten apple as the logo.

So, think of a unique shape, different use of colors and images or maybe you can create a logo using a font in your own way. You can create a quirky logo that breaks the conventional design rules. Whatever you do, the design must catch the eye because of its uniqueness. That is the only way your logo can be spotted by people in the crowd of hundreds of other designs.

professional logo

03. Pick The Right Colors

When thinking of giving your brand a personality, think about all aspects of colors. Colors give your company logo design an image by making it a bright visual. If you use bright and bold colors, it helps in grabbing the attention of your audience. If you want to give an impression of sophistication about your brand, use muted colors.

Remember that every color has its own different impact on the feelings of people. A property of colors is that they all have the power to evoke our emotions. For example, when we see red color, we feel energetic, passionate, and have emotions of love and affection.

When seeing yellow, we get the message of optimism and green is the color of nature and growth. Blue evokes the feelings of trustworthiness and professionalism. Purple is usually associated with spirituality and royalty. Similarly, black is the color of power, credibility, and authority. Pink is known for femininity and fun.

So, Pick The Colors That Can Evoke The Emotions And Feelings That Reflect Your Brand

01. Choose The Right Type Of Logo

Which kind of logo will be suitable for your company and business? That is an important question that you should answer precisely. If your company’s name is unique such as that of Coca-Cola and Samsung, then prefer a logotype. But if the company’s name is generic, use something unique that people can identify with. You can then use a logo mark.

There are many logo ideas to choose from. These types include lettermark, wordmark, pictorial mark, abstract mark, mascot logo, combination mark, and emblem logo. Lettermark logo has a company’s short name such as IBM, NASA, and HBO, while wordmark has a company’s full name such as Google and Visa.

A graphic mark logo has a picture such as the Apple logo. An abstract mark is something that you can be defined in many ways such as the Pepsi logo. Mascot logo has some mascot such as the KFC logo. Emblem logo has some flag on it, and a combination mark has a mix of two types of logos.

Which type of business logo design will best suit your brand? Well, that depends on your brand personality and the message it wishes to convey.

Also, remember that you pick a typeface, depending on the type of logo you choose. When selecting a typeface, make sure that it gives some personality to the logo. You can design your own fonts. Custom fonts are a surefire way to create a unique design.

02. Go For A Simple But Quirky Design

Simplicity is the one value that every professional graphic designer advises to have in any design. A simple design is the one that viewers find appealing. They do not have to define the logo to get its meaning and purpose. The design itself conveys the meaning due to its simplicity. Most global logos are the great examples of simple logos.

But simplicity does not mean that it should be any ordinary logo. Instead, make it quirky so that it generates some interest for the viewers. Take for example the FedEx logo. It is a simple logotype. But it has some twist in the negative space. It has an arrow placed in the space between E and x, which connotes precision, direction, and speed. Can you something like that to your logo?

Take another example of Amazon logo. There is an arrow connecting the letter ‘a’ to ‘z’, which means the company sells everything that you want. The arrow is in a smiling shape representing the happy customers of the company. Come out with such simple designs that catch the eye instantly.

03. Create A Long-Lasting Design

Many designers follow the current design trends. While getting a feel for the trends is natural for a designer, it should not be a compelling factor to design a logo. A logo for business is something that a company would like to retain for many decades. This is mainly because people develop a kind of emotional rapport with the symbols.

All the global companies understand this power of the symbols. They keep the same logo for decades and even years. The only time they redesign their logos is when they want to rebuild their identity of brands. In that case, they just tweak the design a little bit.

So, avoiding following the current graphic design trends so that your client does not have to redesign the logo when the trend is over. Make a logo that continues to be attractive for many years. It should last through the ages.

04. Test It In Black & White

Another significant characteristic of a memorable logo design is its ability to look impressive in black & white. While most logos are great visuals in colors, many of them fail to retain their impact in their colorless versions.

A logo appears in black and white in newspaper ads, photocopies and fax documents, stationeries, billboards ads, promotional products, and many others. This means that the design should be such that it looks impactful without colors as well.

But how to design such business symbols? Usually, a proven tactic by a logo designer is first to do some pencil sketches of the logo on paper. After you are satisfied with the sketch, you should think of filling out the colors of your choice.

05. Test It Also For Scalability

A logo appears on a wide range of ads of various scales. For instance, on billboards, it may be scaled up to a massive size for clear visibility from a long distance. Or, it may appear on a tiny surface of a stamp or a smaller promotional product like a pen. In both the cases, every single detail of the design must be visible clearly when seen closely or from a long distance.

When you hire graphic design services, make sure the design is easily scalable. Also, its size must be flexible to fit well with different backgrounds like icons, print, avatars, apps, and other online mediums.

06. Get Feedback

Opinions of the experts and public matters a lot in creating a memorable logo design. Remember, you’re not designing something to feast your own eyes but the clients. So, feedback from the client should always be welcomed. Do not make any negative remark from the client an issue. After all, the client knows the business more than you do, and the logo is for the business and not for your ambitions.

To get a third-party perspective, take opinions of people on social media. Put your logo on social channels to know what people have to say. If you find some suggestion worth noting, use them. You can do the same even if you hire a freelance graphic designer; take feedback from experts and people to have different opinions before you approve the design.

These basic but crucial tips will surely help you create a logo that will perform well for your client’s business and help in building its brand identity.

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To create a memorable logo design, you must ensure that it is a simple but unique design. It must be able to convey a brand message using colors and fonts strategically. But the logo must also look impressive in all sizes, and in black and white version. Before designing the logo, know about the brand by researching the market and audience.


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